Global Technology Office

To help you stay at the forefront of technology and innovation, we invest significantly in ongoing research and development.

Six laboratories and eight Centers of Excellence around the world make up our Global Technology Office (GTO), where experienced architects continuously evaluate emerging technologies across the vendor landscape.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) include:

  •  -Advanced Web
  •  -Architecture
  •  -Cloud Computing
  •  -Java
  •  -Legacy Modernization
  •  -Microsoft Solutions
  •  -Mobile
  •  -SOA

We have ongoing R&D initiatives to create IT tools and platforms that address today’s vexing business challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s even more complex concerns.

To reduce the cost of development and lessen the time to market, GTO is also responsible for developing solution accelerators and standardized application frameworks. Our best practices ensure the quality of solution delivery. The proof is in the strong track record we’ve established for leveraging and integrating technology to transform businesses in support of strategy.

We work internally along with your Swift team to formulate a technology roadmap to reach your goals, such as:

  •  -Leveraging existing IT assets for greater flexibility
  •  -Improving productivity
  •  -Gaining a competitive advantage
  •  -Streamlining business processes

The Swift Difference
It's in our DNA. Placing our clients first is embedded in the Swift culture. By investing in our people and resources, we bring new ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

With our Two-in-a-Box™ (TiB) client engagement model, we embed senior personnel with demonstrated industry expertise within your IT organization who coordinate strategy with dedicated offsite delivery managers, freeing your team to concentrate on core business objectives.

Swift 2.0

By employing the Swift 2.0 platform, we can bring the best people, resources and capabilities of our global delivery system to any client, anywhere.
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