Product development is expected to substantially grow in the next two years. To market globally, tech companies are reducing costs by offshoring to distributed design centers. As a result of this trend, the R&D services market is experiencing robust growth—even in a still recovering world economy.


Why Swift?

The challenges and opportunities that organizations face in the reset economy are multidimensional, and the solutions must be as well. At Swift, we do not believe that you should be forced to compromise by choosing either a strategic partner or a cost-effective outsourcing provider. No other provider offers our combination of engineering and consulting services to elevate your competitiveness.

Segments We Serve

High-Tech Manufacturers Our product engineering services accelerate your innovation and time-to-value. And our business-IT solutions create seamless integration across your value chain of suppliers, channel partners and consumers.

Business-IT Solutions
From ERP, to new product rollouts and BPO, our dedicated Technology Practice is ready to transform your business into a high-performing organization.
Our product engineering team delivers business results through strategy, development, testing, maintenance and support services—as well as assistance in transitioning to a SaaS model, when appropriate.
Business-IT Solutions
We’ll guide you through open source and SaaS products, and help remedy revenue loss due to piracy and non-compliance challenges.
Online Companies
Our product engineers help you deliver content that engages, while our business-IT solutions experts can help optimize your site operations.
Accelerating innovation and time-to-market are top concerns for online businesses. Our Technology Practice helps you accomplish both by expertly optimizing your site operations.
Product Engineering
Let our experts infuse your organization with proven IT and engineering resources, so you can generate superior products and services to excel in today’s changing markets.
Product Engineering
We offer a unique combination of systems expertise, industry intelligence and global resources to strengthen your product development efforts.
Product Engineering
We offer you a unique combination of systems expertise, industry intelligence and global resources to strengthen your product development efforts.

When required, we can access the specialized skills of our deep talent pool
from anywhere in the world, to solve any problem, through C2. Enhanced
project collaboration tools and our well-codified, company-wide processes assure consistent, well-planned, measurable and reliable delivery from any
and all locations.

Let us use our IT, business-process and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Position
your business to thrive now and in the future.

The Swift Difference
It's in our DNA. Placing our clients first is embedded in the Swift culture. By investing in our people and resources, we bring new ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

With our Two-in-a-Box™ (TiB) client engagement model, we embed senior personnel with demonstrated industry expertise within your IT organization who coordinate strategy with dedicated offsite delivery managers, freeing your team to concentrate on core business objectives.

Swift 2.0

By employing the Swift 2.0 platform, we can bring the best people, resources and capabilities of our global delivery system to any client, anywhere.
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