Swift 2.0

Every global services company has delivery centers scattered across the globe. But this only means that they have the ability to deliver your project from a single center, generally selected because it has excess capacity or brings cost advantages to them.

Only Swift provides seamless access to a worldwide talent pool, connected via a single platform, Swift 2.0 (C2).

Our teams can share knowledge, locate the best resources, and manage your project or program in real time from anywhere in our global network. That's because our company DNA is task based, not geography based. The best resources for your project may be anywhere on our global delivery network; for example, Microsoft .Net and Java experts in Shanghai; ERP resources in Buenos Aires; finance and accounting expertise in Bangalore; and shared services for testing in Budapest and Chennai.

Because C2 is for knowledge sharing and project management with Web 2.0 technology, managers can find the best resources as well as business and technical artifacts suited to your program. They have access to our best-in-class project management tools and templates to ensure that consistent process discipline and delivery occurs—regardless of where your project team is located.


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