Business Process Assessment (BPA)
Streamline and consolidate for greater efficiency.

If you've got diverse systems and processes across your organization—especially if they're working independently of each other—the results can be:
  • Lower process efficiency
  • Internal/external customer dissatisfaction
  • Higher operating costs
We can help you address these problems with a proven approach:
  • Clarify: Survey customer objectives, assess capabilities and goals, and identify major stakeholders.
  • Prepare: Identify processes and relationships, prepare a collection plan, then build cross-functional teams.
  • Focus: Create and map process models, gather and analyze data, prioritize, then assess quality.
  • Design: Craft processes, recommend the technology landscape, and develop a quality roadmap.
  • Implement: Evolve the transition plan, develop technology solutions, implement the solutions, then initiate training.
  • Monitor: Review performance against target, refine processes according to emerging issues, then maintain the solutions.
To assess and launch business transformation initiatives reliably, we use:
  • Advanced statistical methods
  • Simulation techniques
  • Established best practices
At the same time, we build in flexibility to implement downstream IT improvements.

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