Credit & Financial Information
The turmoil in financial markets and a tighter regulatory regime are challenging large segments of the financial industry. Reach out to our business, technology and process experts to help navigate the rough seas.

Services and Solutions

Regulatory pressures and compliance requirements have increased in wake of the financial crisis. With a greater emphasis on transparency, the way information is handled is changing, and the volume of information being tracked has increased dramatically. We have the experts on compliance, backed by the strongest technology team worldwide, ensuring you reach your audience first with information that is precise and meaningful.
Customer relationships
Data is no longer sufficient. Providing information to customers at the right time and price is key. We will help you understand information consumption better, target your focus on high yielding avenues and develop business models that facilitate customer retention and growth. Our Search and Content Management Centers of Excellence will help you deliver unseen value to your clients.
Compete in the open era
Don’t let content aggregators and search providers erode your market share. Differentiate through the quality of your information. Partner with us to optimize your product and services. Our strategy and implementation solutions support you with the right subscription models for your customers, including content monetization strategies.
Scale up on demand
In today’s resource constrained times, it makes little sense to tie up capital with up-front infrastructure to support expansion or business model changes. We partner with industry leaders to deliver cloud computing solutions to your doorstep and enable you to grow without shackles.
Emerging markets
The addressable market for the credit and financial market is rapidly expanding to include emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We help enable global expansion for leading Fortune 500 companies. Tackle the market-specific credit and financial information needs with our proven global delivery model and advisory services from our Swift Business Consulting group.
Refresh faster
Information needs to be current. Every second. Your data processing chain needs to be lean. Re-engineer your data supply chain with us to ensure your information reaches your customers when they need it.
Follow your customers everywhere
Smartphone sales will outnumber PCs by 2011. Your information needs to be more mobile now. Our dedicated Mobile Center of Excellence, along with our Web 2.0 experience, makes sure your customers can reach you from anywhere using any device.
Your data is yours
Our digital asset management solutions facilitate storing data with strict security and access privilege models. Track your data throughout its life cycle, while maintaining the transparency you seek.
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